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Domain name transfer

This procedure is only for .com and .net domains.

Before placing your order

  • The transfer is FREE, you only pay £5.99 +vat for the management of your domain for 1 year.
  • The order must be placed at OVH.
  • Check your domain status, either by contacting your current Registrar and/or via whois tool. The domain must be transferable it means that its status must be ACTIVE/OK. If the domain is inactive, please go to this address to know the procedure to follow to unlock the protection set by default according to your Registrar (in case of dispute, non-payment or expired domain, please directly contact your Registrar).
  • At the end of the transfer, we credit your domain with one additional year, except if your domain name renewal is due in less than 46 days, this condition is only valid at some Registrar's, you must contact your provide if this condition applies.

Please check that

  • Your domain is not expired
  • Your domain must be registered more than 60 days ago
  • You didn't renew you domain less than 46 days ago
  • The contacts email addresses registered in the whois base are valid
  • The contacts in the whois base and specially the owner must be informed about the transfer request
  • The domain must not be locked for different reasons such as: non-payment, billing disputes, and so on...
  • Your domain name renewal is due by at least 60 days

How to order a transfer via your Manager

- Either you already have your NIC handle,
- Or you will have to create one via this link New Client.

Next, you will have to enter your Nic handle, and your password to log into your Manager

Then, you'll have to:

  • go to the New domain section
  • Enter the domain name you wish to request the transfer for,
  • You will get the following message: domain unavailable, only its owner may transfer it. Select Transfer this domain to OVH and click Confirm.

Thus you will fill in the order form and at the end you'll get your order nr.

At the reception of your payment by our Billing department

We will send you automatically:

  • The confirmation of transfer request to the domain contacts that you may consult via a whois tool. They will have 5 days to confirm the request.

  • If we don't get the totality of the feedbacks BEFORE 5 days following the shipping date, we will send the same day your transfer request to the Registry and he will contact your Registrar to give him 5 days'time to confirm or refuse your request.

  • At the end of the procedure, you will get an email informing you either that the domain is at OVH or the transfer has been refused by your Registrar. In that case, you will have to contact your Registrar ASAP, then contact us to analyse the situation together.

  • If this period of time is exceeded, your request will be put on STOP and no more answer will be taken into account til the next request.

  • You will have to contact us by mail (select the domain department) or by phone in order us to be able to request it.

During the transfer

Transfer status:
  • email_sent : This is the first step, OVH has sent emails to contacts, we are waiting for the answer.
  • registry_sent : he contacts agreed (at least 1 and no refusal), we have sent the request to Registry and awaiting for the answer.
  • stop : The transfer has been stopped by the contacts, who haven't answered in time (5 days).
  • registrar_refused : Your registrar, who is currently managing the domain, refused the transfer (reason: recent domain, the domain is due for renewal soon or exceeded, or domain locked against anti-theft protection or else...).

Awaiting transfer

You want to point the domain to your hosting space at OVH, you will have to modify the dns zones from your provider.

Primary server: dns11.ovh.net
IP address of primary server:
Secondary server: ns11.ovh.net
IP address of secondary server:

After the transfer

Your domain is now accessible via your customer space in the Manager. Check that the dns zones are as follows:
Primary server: dns11.ovh.net
Secondary server: ns11.ovh.net

As shown on DomainServicesManager .