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Incoming Transfer of .uk domains

Conditions to transfer a .uk domain_

  • This operation is only for a registrar change.
  • The expiry date remains unchanged.
  • The transfer can be done as long as the domain is not deleted.
  • The current registrar cannot refuse the outgoing transfer request of his customer otherwise he won't respect the contract signed with Nominet.
  • The registrar change is done by the previous registrar, who launches a request for provider change from Nominet.

How to transfer your .uk domain to OVH

Here is the procedure of incoming transfer of your .uk domain to OVH.

The request is made to your current registrar by giving him our TAG, which is 'OVH-FR'.

Once the procedure is launched, you will receive by email from OVH a transfer ID and a connection link to a configuration web page.

  • 1. First, you will have to login with your domain name and your transfer ID,
  • 2. Then, fill in your nichandle (customer ID) and accept the transfer conditions.

Once your information is filled in and saved, you will be able to follow the evolution of your transfer operation of domain name directly from your management interface (Manager)

  • 1. Login into Manager with your customer ID and your password,
  • 2. Click on Domains & DNS -> Operations in progress