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Over Quota Web Requests


At OVH, we don't make any traffic limitation. This one is unlimited.

However, to protect all websites hosted on different plans, we have fixed a limit to the number of requests. As soon as you exceed your quota, we inform you by email.To leave you some time to stand back and analyze your overload, you will have 7 days to as the necessary. Beyond that period, your website will be closed to protect the others customers from the same plan.

Our system calculates the number of overload in the period of 2 weeks. If for the last 2 weeks you have exceeded more than 7 times the quota of requests, your website will be closed.

At each overload, you'll receive an email.

What's a request ?

A request is an element (page, picture, flash file, ...) which is recovered on your hosting.


Your index page is a blank page with text and 2 pictures. Each time a visitor comes on your page, he makes 3 requests:

  • index.html
  • picture1.gif
  • picture2.gif

What do you have to do ?

You have just received your first warning. It is necessary to analyze where the problem comes from ?

  • Specific Traffic
  • Notoriety of your website
  • Too many pictures or modules on your pages


According to the cases quoted above, the resolutions of these problems will be different.

Specific Traffic

In general, that is due to an ad of your site, a campaign promotion. In this case, you have nothing to do. However, it is necessary to be very attentive, because if that the problem occurs regularly, we will consider that as a growth of the notority of your site. If the request overload lasts from 3 to 5 days, we'll consider it is a specific traffic.

Notoriety of your website

In this case, the only one possible solution, is to upgrade your plan. Indeed, your site requires more resources for the purpose to work correctly. The higher plans are designed for that. They can support more requests by site. Here are various limits according to the plans:

  • 20gp: 15 000 requests/day
  • 60gp: 30 000 requests/day
  • 240gp: 45 000 requests/day
  • mailplan: 30 000 requests /day
  • 90plan: 100 000 requests /day
  • 240plan: 150 000 requests/day
  • 720plan: 200 000 requests/day
  • Mediaplan: 200 000 requests/day
  • Xxlplan: 300 000 requests/day

If you do not have many visitors and that you have many requests, that surely comes from your pages that include a significant number of modules. That can be pictures, style files (css), animations in flash ... If you cannot group pictures together to call only one instead of 2 or 3. Check it is necessary that you study the structure of your site.

Checking of the number of the requests:

To check the growth of your number of requests, you can consult them on our Urchin logs management system.
To connect you, you must go to this address : http://logs.ovh.net/your_domain
To identify, you must enter your nichandle/password.


It is necessary to go on the access of the logs: http://logs.ovh.net/your-site.com/
A login and a password will be requested such as the picture shown below:
Once on your space, you must choose Urchin then success or hits