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Extranet Group Work distribution (OVPN)


The purpose of Extranet group work distribution is to offer a platform of collaborative work easy to administrate and to use. The management of the users is centralized in a single directory (LDAP) and is carried out in a graphic web interface (EGWM or GOSA). You therefore set for each of your users a single account, which he/she will be able to use for each of the available services (according to access rights that you would have granted). Each user created that way will get a personal storage space, an exchange space and a common storage (according to his/her access rights).

Some services are accessible from any internet workplace equipped with a browser (no matter if he is at work, at a customer, at home, in a cyber café etc.):

  • Webmail:To access to your emails, to address books (personal and shared) and to diaries (personal and shared)
  • FTP: To access to your personal and common storage space or exchange files with customers/suppliers

Other services are only accessible via a protected tunnel: VPN. It uses PPTP Technology (also supported: IPSEC), technology chosen for its simplicity of implementation, just some clicks under windows:

  • Telephony on IP: To converse in SIP with other users of the server using a software (softphone) like x-lite
  • File sharing: To simply store and exchange files via copy/pastes (personal and common spaces)
  • Instantaneous Mail service: To communicate on live with the other users of the server using jabber protocol
  • Email: Recovery of your POP3 or IMAP emails
  • Wiki: To share knowledges on an intern wiki (Mediawiki).

You remain of course free to implement the whole or part of these services.


To facilitate the access to your Extranet Group Work server from internet, you can use a domain name you have no matter if it is hosted at OVH or not. This will enable you to access to your server using a name such as myserver.mydomain.com and not an IP or the name by default (nsxxxx.ovh.net).

For further information, you can consult the following guides:

If you decide to use the mail functions, you will have to also think to point MX recording from your domain to your Extranet Group Work server.




  • OvpnFirstConn :: First connection to your Extranet Group Work Server (beta2).
  • OvpnPostInst :: First connection to your Extranet Group Work (beta1).
  • OvpnEgwm :: Use of the users management interface.
  • OvpnAdmin :: Use of the GOSA users management interface (deprecated).
  • OvpnAdminIpsec :: Configuration of VPN IPSEC on the server.
  • OvpnWww :: Host your web site on EGW.
  • OvpnFtpaccess :: Create an account with only FTP access (deprecated: beta1).


  • OvpnPptp :: Configurate the VPN access.
  • OvpnIpsec :: Configurate the VPN access with the IPSEC management.
  • OvpnSamba :: Access to files share.
  • OvpnSip :: Configurate the VoIP with X-lite
  • OvpnJabber :: Configurate an instant messaging client
  • OvpnFtp :: Connect with FTP
  • OvpnMail :: Use the messaging (POP3/IMAP/Webmail) and access to the schedule and address book
  • OvpnMediawiki :: Access to Wiki
  • OvpnPassword :: Password or personal information change (only GOSA interface)