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Pointing to DNS


If you order a hosting service at OVH whereas your domain name is located at another registrar. By configuring your DNS at your registrar's, you will automatically take the configuration of our servers.


In order to point your domain to your website hosting in OVH, you need to change DNS.
To do it, please log into Manager.

Then choose your domain, and click "Domain & DNS" . Select the icon "DNS servers".

Enter the DNS of your hoster. OVH's DNS for shared hosting are as follows:

Primary DNS : dns15.ovh.net
IP :

Secondary DNS : ns15.ovh.net
IP :

The dns propagation takes in general 24h/48h. Reminder: the previous OVH's DNS were:

Primary DNS : dns10.ovh.net
IP :

Secondary DNS : ns10.ovh.net
IP :

The configuration on these servers remain valid if the zone has been activated before the setting of dns15.ovh.net and ns15.ovh.net. Any new domain installed on OVH's DNS are compulsorily configured on dns15.ovh.net and ns15.ovh.net. No more DNS zone will be therefore installed on the previous servers: dns10.ovh.net & ns10.ovh.net