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Users and Groups

Creation of a user (ftp account), quotas management, Web server (Apache)

Creation of a user (who will be used for transferring files by FTP, and to create the web site) 'users & groups' icon in 'bmin' system section is a program, which enables to configurate the different ones installed on your server.

Create a new user

  • click on "system" index
  • click on "users and groups" index
  • click on "create a new user"

It is practical to create a user having a name closed to the domain name, to avoid any confusion (the choice of the shell command "/bin/false" allows to forbid the use of telnet/ssh). It is also necessary to create a user, which will be used for the server administration. The name "admin" is perfect.

It is necessary to choose as a shell command: "/bin/sh" (to activate telnet)
This user will be also used in the following section.

Quotas Disks

  • Click on "system" index
  • Click on "Disks Quotas"

In the system menu the icon "Disks Quotas" allows to limit the space allocated to a user (for example no more than 10 MB). We indicate the user for whom we want to modify these qutoas.

User quotas

The following screen shows which are the current quotas. "Edit quota On" allows to modify these quotas.

Edit quotas

We indicate 10000 for 10 MB (1 block=1kB). We can also limit the number of files. Once the value is indicated, you just need to click on 'update' in the system menu: the icon "disks quota" allows to limit the space allocated to a user (for example no more than 10 MB)
We indicate the user for which we want to change the quotas.