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Using Putty


For Windows:
There are several programs available that work for SSH. One of the most popular and easiest to use is "Putty".


1- Launch Putty
2- Host Name (or IP adress)
Enter : xxlplan.ovh.net or the IP correspondant for your website or your_domain.tld

Caution !!
This option is only available for the 720PLAN/PACK and XXLPLAN/PACK offers.

720Plan/Pack =>
XXPlan/Pack =>

3- Check/Click on SSH
4- Click on the Open button


5- Enter your logi
6- Press the Enter button on your keyboard.


7- Enter your ftp password
8- Press the Enter button on your keyboard.


9- You will see the following message:


Starting programs on the background is PROHIBITED !
All activities linked with IRC (bounce, irc, etc) are PROHIBITED!
You must stay in your directory. Do not read/open the system files.
Your account is under surveillance and in any case where you break
any of these rules, your account will be immediately suspended !

If you launch a dump in the sql database and if you exceed the
usage limits of the server, you will receive an alert to your
webmaster@ postmaster@.

If you are developping programs with C: you must work on a server that
runs redhat 6.2 with glibc 2.1.3. version GCC of egcs-2.91.66

Useful commands:
  1. ls -l
  2. chmod 705