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How to transfer files in secure mode with OVH ?


Once you order a web hosting plan with OVH, a private FTP account is at your disposal to place your files.

The FTP protocol is designed to cleanly transfer data on a network through the use of your username and password.
For more security, the SSH protocol permits the encryption of data once you connect to the shell of your web host. To activate this convenient supplementary security on file transfers, certain FTP programs allow the usage of the SFTP protocol which assures the same functions as FTP, but with the addition of the encryption.

This guide explains how to configure a user-friendly file transfer program to communicate with our web hosting encryption.
Two examples will be approached: one for Windows and the other for Linux.

Attention! SSH access is available only for the 720 Plan and XXL Plan


For this guide, we have chosen two free available programs.

FileZilla is a FTP program used with Windows.
User-friendly and stable, it is highly recommended for uploading files to your site with OVH.

gFTP is a graphic interface used with Linux. Everything with this program is processed openly. This permits fast updates for your site in just a couple of clicks.

Windows (FileZilla)

FileZilla can be downloaded for windows at this address:

Start by opening the file manager of the site:


Then create a new connection by clicking on "New Site":

We can name this connection "OVH" for example:


Log on to your FTP:
- Host: 720plan.ovh.net or xxlplan.ovh.net (according your offer)
- User: The user name that you use to connect with FTP

Next check Normal and password not registered. In the "Server Type" drop down menu, select SFTP using SSH2

Close this window and click on "Save and Quit"

Test the connection


A new window will appear and will ask you for your password:


Enter the password that you use for connecting to your web site through FTP.

The following message appears:


This message will appear only for the first time you connect. It signifies that you have connected for the first time on the SSH server.
If you accept "Remember" which permits direct identification for your future connections. Click on "OK" to continue.
Once connected, the result is the following:


To transfer your site, the FileZilla? function is identical. Drag your files from the left window (explorer for your computer's files) to the window on the right (your OVH web host).

The window above displays the operations completed on your server such as connecting to the server, transfering files or deleting files.

The window below displays file status (speed and completion %) for file transfers to the websie FTP

Linux (gFTP)

gFTP is a graphic interface run under Linux that simplifies FTP processes. This FTP client can be downloaded on our site or its official site under different forms: sources, Debian packs or RPM...

For this guide, we will use the 2.0.17 version.

Once installed, open the configuration panel:


In the SSH index, we will choose the Use the SSJ User/Pass option and User SSH2 FTP sub-system. Validate this window.

Before trying the new connection, we will install the SSH connection on the web host. This adjustment's goal is to save the "remember" of the distant server. With this remember, your future SSH connections will be able to identify the server.

Go into a the menu of the program of your choice and type the following command:

Tyler:/# ssh nom_utilisateur@nom_offre.ovh.net
The authenticity of host 'xxlplan.ovh.net (213.186.33.xx)' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 18:2a:1c:1c:3d:9d:43:32:b8:a7:2e:96:57:1f:2d:00.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added 'xxlplan.ovh.net,213.186.33.xx' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

In the command below, user_name that you frequently use to connect to your FTP and the offer_name that corresponds to your offer (720plan or xxlplan)

We will now try to open a connection:


Fill in the following parameters:
- Host: 720plan.ovh.net or xxlplan.ovh.net (according to your offer)
- User: User name for your FTP connection
- Password: associated password

In the drop-down menu, choose SSH2.

Once connected, the result is the following:


For transfering your files, drag them from the left window (your computer's files) towards the right window (your server's files).

The window above displays the operations completed on your server such as connecting to the server, transfering files or deleting files.

The window below displays file status (speed and completion %) for file transfers to the websie FTP


http://gftp.org: gFTP home page
http://filezilla.sourceforge.net: FileZilla page